Patient Education Materials

Genzyme is committed to providing you with materials to help educate your patients about lysosomal storage disorders. Download patient educational materials here.

Understanding Fabry Disease Brochure & Medical Family Tree

Gives a detailed explanation of what causes Fabry disease, its signs and symptoms, how it is inherited, and lists resources for support.

Understanding Fabry Disease & Medical Family Tree (PDF)

Understanding Fabry Disease & Medical Family Tree - Spanish (PDF)

A Guide for Women Living With Fabry Disease Brochure

Explains how Fabry disease affects females, the process of X-inactivation, and provides information on how women can find support.

Download Guide for Women with Fabry Disease (PDF)

Information for Patients and Families

Provides a visual demonstration of inheritance patterns and explains the importance of family testing.

Download Information for Patients and Families (PDF)